Vedge candles are made in small batch quantity in the Pacific Northwest. Their quality is preserved by using traditional methods and natural waxes.


You probably haven't heard of Vedge Candle. This is a small, exclusive company, where customers are known by first name. Most people find them by recommendation, or by chance in an online search for a better burning candle. 

Jar candles, tea lights, signature Pacific Northwest Pine Cone Candles, and more are what you'll find here. If you like to burn candles for long periods of time, these are for you. Weck Jars are used for all jar candles as they are the very best canning jars on the market. This quality borosilicate glass is ideal for candles and so much more. I keep them clean and low-profile so you can enjoy and reuse them for a lifetime. Here's some ideas from me + Weck Jars for inspiration

All jar candles are recyclable. Mail them to me and receive a thank you box of candles in return.

Vedge Candle is a PETA Cruelty-Free Company. You can also find my products on ETSY